SoSoVelo is a web magazine devoted to bikes. And riding them. And things we convince ourselves that we should buy because conspicuous consumption will make cycling more fun. We are currently focused on Oregon, but hope to eventually expand into a number of regions full of nice, fun people who ride (or, specifically, wherever one us may eventually move.)

This site is obviously young, but we here at SoSoVelo have the lofty goal of providing you with the following things:

Race Reports: We don’t go to all of the races (ED: we don’t go to MOST races), but we promise to do our best to document what happened at as many as possible.

Ride Guides: We hope to provide you with maps, photos, and cue sheets for the local rides that we know and love. The maps are here, and the cue sheets are on the way.

Product Reviews: Sometimes we’ll review chainrings, and sometimes we’ll review our grandma’s banana bread. But we’ll always use scientific words, and we’ll always use them incorrectly.

Guest Columns: When we get tired of writing things, we’ll ask smarter and/or funnier people to do it for us.

Dining Reviews: Our definition of dining is flexible, so we’ll review the places that we like to go to eat and drink, specifically the places that don’t even look twice at spandex.

Totally Unsubstantiated Rumors: We’d like to tell you about stuff before VeloNews gets it, and we’d like 10% of it to be true.

If you have something else you’d like to see, let us know. Chances are that if you want to see it, we do too. Unless you want to see more discussions of red lights or brakeless fixed gears. Because we don’t want to see any more of that. Ever.