Kruger’s Crossing: November 21, 2010 Nov24


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Kruger’s Crossing: November 21, 2010

Kruger’s Crossing this year was all kinds of miserable weather, and I didn’t have the energy to ride a lap or two while hoping for something to go wrong with my bike allowing me to quit guilt free. So I just didn’t race. I may have gone on The Worst Road Ride Everâ„¢ instead, and that road ride may have ended with me barefoot and shivering in the isles of Safeway while trying to barter an uneaten Luna Bar and some almonds for a fresh pair of socks. I may have discovered that there is no established exchange rate for these items. So I may have also offered sexual favors to a septuagenarian in exchange for her overcoat, and she may or may not have rejected me.

It was a rough afternoon.

But not as rough as a certain unnamed Sheperd who has been BANNED from racing for a year for unsportsmanlike conduct. Check out this video of the Portland Velo dog in question taking someone out at the knees:

Flickr Video

Put her right into the wall. Cold blooded.

Here are the bulk photos from the race. Nothing good. But lots of it.

Photos from Kruger’s