2010 Cross Crusade #8: Barton Nov16


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2010 Cross Crusade #8: Barton

Barton Park has always been one of my favorite race venues. Probably because it’s usually near the end of the season, and the end of the season means I don’t have to spend Sunday nights hosing off my muddy shit any more. I haven’t done many Crusade races this year, but it appears that while I was away every racer was assigned a team of reporters to follow them around. What was up with all of the press? Everywhere I turned there was a reporter. And a cameraman. And a gaffer. And a boom. And a dolly. And a key grip. And a best boy. And a body double. And a second unit body double.

I could do this all day… I love movie credits.

I once worked with a guy who spent years working on the TV show Renegade with Lorenzo Lamas, and he would regale us with his stories of hanging out with Mr. Llamas. He was super proud of it, like it was amazing that Lorenzo Lamas would slum it with the common man and go get nachos after work. I recognize that Mr. Lamas is probably the coolest guy ever to solve crimes from a Harley while wearing a black leather vest with no shirt… but it’s Renegade, man. Lorenzo Lamas was probably just stoked to have someone split the bill on some nachos. But he was recently in Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus with Debbie (Deborah) Gibson, so maybe he is actually awesome. Just now, when I looked up Lorenzo Lamas’ name, I learned that it doesn’t have two l’s like it should. Llamas. Here’s the trailer to Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.

My god. I’m so tired.

As a side note, A Series of Unfortunate Events™ led to the loss of my beloved slow motion camera. It’s red and tiny and it was thrown gently course-side during the B/SS race somewhere between the start and the run up. I know that someone saw me put it there. So if you’re that someone, this could be just like Sleepless in Seattle. Except I’m Tom Hanks. And Meg Ryan is a camera. And you’re like an asteroid that is going to destroy the planet.

Fine. I admit is. I’ve never seen Sleepless in Seattle. Here are some pictures from the race.

Pictures from Barton Park