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Red E

The Red E is now the best coffee shop in Portland to meet for group rides. And by “best” I mean “closest to my house”. It’s full of PCC students pretending to work on stuff but actually just checking their Facebook status. It’s also full of “creatives” meeting about things on their iPads. If you’re the kind of person that needs to plug lots of stuff in, they have lots of outlets. They sell coffee from Intelegentia and Coava rather than Stumptown because not-Stumptown is the new Stumptown (and Stumptown is the new Williamsburg or something). They’ll make single cup brews of the coffee of your choice, and cups of coffee are only a dollar with fifty cent refills.

For non-Economics or public policy majors, this is the Pareto efficient “sweet spot” for cups of coffee. It allows you to get a cup of coffee and a refill, while providing a solid 50% tip on the original cup for $2 total. The $2 cup of coffee, on the other hand, forces you to find an extra dollar for a tip, which seems somehow excessive on a self serve cup of coffee, while the $1.75 cup only allows you to tip a quarter.

They also have a stairwell that appears to go to a dungeon, and every time I see it I think about that Dungeons and Dragons movie-of-the-week starring Tom Hanks as a nerd who goes crazy and starts thinking that monsters are after him. It also stars that kid from Meatballs and My Bodyguard as the rational nerd, who talks the Tom Hanks irrational nerd down using his +2 conversational spell.

Dungeons also make me think of Rick James, who had a dungeon, but his isn’t as funny at this: