Ninkrossi CX: October 16, 2010 Oct16


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Ninkrossi CX: October 16, 2010

The rumor surrounding the new Ninkrossi CX course was that it was going to be flat and smooth. Which is apparently secret code for “not flat” and “not smooth”, a code I assume was developed on the OBRA forums to coax unhappy Sherwood fence sitters into going to Washugal instead.

Well played, Washugal.

On the Will Shortz scale of unbreakable codes, this one tips heavily on the “breakable” side. You know, because it’s just the opposite. It’s somewhere between the Enigma machine and the Highlights “word find” I used to do in the doctors office when I’d pretend my throat hurt so that I wouldn’t have to go to school.

The race was super fun. The venue was beautiful. The weather was amazing. And I didn’t have to spend two hours cleaning up my shit afterwards. It was one of the best times I’ve had on a bike all year, if I’m only comparing the times on the bike when I paid money so that I could ride around with other people on bikes who also paid money.┬áBecause this time they gave me a beer, which usually costs extra.

Money well spent.

Click for a ton of photos from the race

And here is a video of kitten in slow motion. Because everyone loves kittens in slow motion.