Now with more cats. Jun14


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Now with more cats.

So the website is back. It was here. Then it was stalled. Then it was totally gone. And now it’s totally back. One hundred percent. Some people will say that the Vitamin D is what got us motivated. Others will say that it’s Editor’s fancy new smartphone that allows him to send and receive funny messages. And some will say it’s because we’ve all been drinking 4Loko, America’s hottest new trashy alcoholic energy drink. But all of the people who say those things would be idiots. The true reason for the return to blogging:

A slow motion video camera + endless supply of baby kittens = internet stardom.

Dawn decided that sosovelo would become “America’s Premier Online Cycling Web Magazine About Cats” and the rest was history. Sure, we’ll still talk about bikes. And bike rides. And bike parts. But mostly we’re going to talk about cats. If we happen to find some crossover between these two topics, well, that’s even better. Because I make amazing venn diagrams.

What else is new? How about this:

- We’ve added a new video section, so the next time we have writers block we can just post videos of funny things until we become un-boring. Those funny things will probably be in slow motion.

- We’ve added a ‘Kittens!’ category. If you ever get tired of bike shit, you should just read the kitten section. It will most likely include dogs and chickens, too.

- Dawn is moving to Philly, where she’ll hear the word “cheese steak” about a thousand times from the people who do not live in Philly. That’s all we know. Cheese steaks and that broken bell. Dawn will cover all cat and cycling news from the city of brotherly love and street violence, and will be responsible for Eastern seaboard cyclocross coverage in the fall.

- Caitlin is going to head back to Missouri as the journalistic voice of of edgy Midwestern youth, where they’ll heavily edit all of the amazingly clever things she writes. We hope that she’ll save all of her witty exorcised gems for guest editorials from the flyover states. We’ll post her podcasts on our sidebar.

- Editor is going nowhere. Fast. If anyone has a job for him, his skills include swearing, puns, and… shit. Just swearing and puns. But he’s really good at both.

- We want to be socially networked. Is Friendster still cool? No. Damn. What about Myspace? That’s gone too? Fuck. Wait, everyone hates Facebook now also? Jesus. Fine. We’ll get a stupid Twitter account, even though we swore we wouldn’t. And we’ll “tweet” things, until the magic of that one wears off, and like hermit crabs we’ll wanted the sandy beaches of the internet looking for our new electronic shell.

Whatever. We’ve got a Twitter feed now. Follow us or whatever it is that Twitter people do.

We’ve still some technical hiccups. But whatever. You’ve never expected more of us. Why start now.