Mississippi Crit – June 12, 2010 Jun14


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Mississippi Crit – June 12, 2010

I have to say that this has been one super fun week of cycling. It’s been so fun that it almost makes me want to start talking about cycling again. So consider this my triumphant return to the world of competitive talking about somewhat competitive cycling.

I welcomed myself back by going for a truly stellar bike ride before attending a BBQ on the route of the Mississippi Crit. I’ve been listening to people recount the amazing end of this race for 24 hours. Even my coworkers are talking about it. It’s practically an internet meme these days, like the sneezing panda or Star Wars kid. Though he swears “this has never happened to him before”, the tiniest sprinter is a premature celebrator. And he prematurely celebrated all over the Portland cycling community’s face. But you know what? He had a great race, and was about 2mm closer to victory than any other cyclist out there.

I missed the end because I was drunk at a BBQ. And from my vantage point, I saw the days most noble act of racing, when a leader sacrificed his podium position for the entertainment of his fellow man. Lost in the hoopla, I feel like the true hero of this race has gone unrecognized: Mr. Reeb. You are a patriot.

On the backstretch of the final lap, while being mooned by fifteen drunken buffoons (read: us), Mr. Reeb drifted curbside and slapped asses. I would expect this from a midpack finisher halfway though a race, but not a four man break on a final lap of a very warm day. Slow motion video here:

Above and beyond, sir. Above. And. Beyond.

Other highlights of race day?

- I drank most of a 4Loko (roughly 3.25Loko) though a red vine, until Jenny dropped it in the oversized can.
- We all discovered the value of slow motion spit takes during bike races.
- We learned how to make lips to unnatural things. Video proof: