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Catlike Helmets

I know I might sound naive in saying this, but when you order stuff online you don’t always get the thing you’re picturing while ordering. Like one time my friend Dar bought some “adorable” pots and pans from ebay, and they turned out to be adorable because they were American-Girl-Doll-sized. She was too embarrassed to return them and I’m pretty sure they still hang on a miniature rack near her real, non-adorable pots and pans that she actually cooks with.

I went through this recently when purchasing a Catlike Helmet from the internet. I was obviously excited when the package arrived, but opened it only to discover that these helmets are nothing like cats at all! They’re just helmets! Giro-Like or Bell-Like would be a far better name for this company, because that’s what they are like. Like other helmets.

I did a little research to find out what the deal was.

As it turns out, Catlike is a Spanish company. Being that I study Espanol (Spanish) in college, I had easy access to a diconario (dictionary) and the 500 Spanish Verbs book. I soon discovered that Catlike is actually Spanish for “plastic safety”. So I guess it’s not really a misnomer. It’s plastic and it makes me safer. But it also doesn’t, as I’d previously imagined, softly purr while resting on my head while I ride my bike.

Also, you can’t buy these helmets in the US. I assumed this had to do with those PC losers who don’t want to use a cat as protective headgear, but I guess it’s actually because they weren’t pure “plastic safety”…they actually failed to meet some helmet rule standards. However, word on the street (internet) is that they stepped it up this year and passed the 2010 CPSC impact tests (which I guess doesn’t stand for Cat Protection is Super Cool) and will be coming to the bike shops of the USA this summer.
After wearing my “Catlike” for a few weeks, I am happy to report that as far as non-feline helmets go, this one is very comfortable. It is very lightweight and also seems to have some inexplicable street cred, as several strangers have wanted to talk to me about it.

All I have to say to them is, “sure…you could buy this helmet. But I think you should just buy a cat, because nothing’s as good as the real thing.”