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I realize that my job is starting to get to me, because every time I sit down to try and write something it comes out sounding angry. I’ve been in front of the computer so long, I’m starting to refer to the recovery period during races as “buffering” and then getting frustrated when it doesn’t happen faster. I’m the first to admit that this website is feeling phoned in, like the last couple of seasons of CHiPS when they didn’t care about plot anymore and just kept sending Ponch to the Playboy mansion with reports of disturbances… in his pants. Louboutin Pas Cher If anyone has been wondering where all the funny stuff that used to be on this site went, well, that stuff moved to Columbia, Missouri to become a professional journalist. And it took its full size banana suit with it. So this seems like a good time to point people towards the new sister site about running. nike pegasus And journalism. And the Midwest. basket new balance radracerblog.com

By referring to it as a “sister site” I just mean I promised to make it look exactly the same as this site, and in exchange I would be allowed to call Cait my BFF and ride her journalistic coat tails for the rest of both of our lives. The arrangement actually played itself out exactly like the movie Can’t Buy Me Love, when a Pre-McDreamy (the “McPreemie” sounds like the worst fast food breakfast sandwich ever) Patrick Dempsey paid some girl at his school to be his girlfriend so she could buy a sweet suede dress with fringes, then his nerdy friend got mad and yelled “YOU SHIT ON MY HOUSE!” It’s a weird movie. But basically what I’m saying is that Cait has turned me into a prostitute. Or a nerd. Or a suede dress. adidas stan smith I’ve never been good at analogies. I hope that our newly rekindled internet relationship will provide some heated debates, including:
  • Biking v. adidas Running
  • The Captain v. Tenielle
  • Porky Piggin v. Shirt Cockin’
  • Smokey v.