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Canby Ferry – 62 Miles

Every time I attempt to write about the Canby Ferry ride, my fingers go all autopilot on me and I type “Candy Fairy.” Which is certainly creepy, and obviously points to some deep seeded childhood issues related to my love of “tasting the rainbow.” Which is drug talk. asics soldes If your drug is Skittles and you were left alone in front of a television to learn to speak. nike air presto soldes BUT I DON’T WANT TO DISCUSS THIS RIGHT NOW I’M FINE. nike soldes running The ride started awkwardly when DWP and I chose to wear the same cycling formalwear. Playmanator attempted to document the event. I tried to hide my face Prince Blanket Jackson style while DWP used his powers of Gaussian blur to alter focus. Apparently Playmanator has a tilt-shift camera phone. Amazing. Along the way, we discovered an enchanted garage sale designed to tempt each of us with the single item of our dreams, and then place that item slightly out of financial reach. Like a cruel reality show hosted by an inflexible (physically and fiscally) woman in a lawn chair, we would be forced to rely on our wits and powers of negotiation to make our dreams come true, and we would learn a lot about ourselves in the process. This is what we learned: We can’t negotiate for shit, and our dreams did not come true. For reference, our dream items were: Playmator: a nearly authentic framed Spuds McKenzie poster DWP: MTV’s Cribs – The Book Rachel: *abstained due to religious objections Editor: ceramic fox with doll eyes in a suit The ride went off without a hitch. No flats. adidas superstar No mechanicals. No wrong turns. No whiners. soldes nike air max pas cher Just miles of beautiful roads and a dog sitting on the roof of a truck.