Movie Club: Delicatessen Sep06


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Movie Club: Delicatessen

So, a couple of weeks ago something strange happened: our bad movie club watched a good movie. It was weird. The movie was French and called Delicatessen and is probably actually a “film” and not a “movie”.

Good movies are infinitely harder to write about than bad ones, so I’ll keep it short.
The basic plot of Delicatessen is that a bunch of weirdos from sepiatone era, post (or perhaps pre) apocalyptic Europe live in an apartment building owned by a scary murderer butcher landlord, who is slowly killing them all in order to sell their meat at his shoppe. Initially, this premise sounded like something I would have no interest in watching. I don’t like creepy murdery stuff. Just not my thing. But it turned out to be just whimsically dark instead of mark-you-feel-weird-about-humanity-scary. You know what I mean?
And I am pretty sure Andrew said it was made by the same guy that made the movie Amile. That movie is just plain whimsical. I didn’t really like it because it was too much magic, but my friend’s boyfriend really loved it. One day she was using his computer and found that he’d been photoshopping his own face on Amile’s head/body. Then they broke up.

But in Delicatessen love triumphs over adversity. Despite a ton of people trying to kill them, the protagonist and love interest are able to survive their house of horrors and eventually start a pretty good rooftop band.

Also, this one charactor makes a lot of chain reaction machines to try and commit suicide. Here’s a video of some other chain reaction machines:

Anyway, right after watching the movie I left town for a week. I had visions of relaxing in some random Philadelphia coffee shop, writing my review in full vay-cay mode. But what actually happened is I just totally flaked.

So here, dear readers is my belated review of Delicatessen. Thanks for your patience.

p.s. Please stay tuned for the upcoming reviews of Sam’s new movie pick: a double feature of Gingerdead Man 1 and 2 (the passion of the crust). Thank goodness all things are returning to normal and we are watching shitty movies again!