Double Cross – September 19-20, 2009 Sep23


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Double Cross – September 19-20, 2009

The Hood River Double Cross weekend in Hood River had both good parts and bad parts. The bad parts were the parts where I had to ride my bike in circles around the school as fast as possible. Those parts were bad because they made me feel awful. Physically and emotionally. The good parts were all of the other parts of the weekend. The parts when I was not on my bike. The parts when I was eating tacos and pizza. Those parts were amazing. Tacos and pizza are amazing.

Day 1: The racing part was short, because someone hurt themselves on a bridge. Everyone stood around waiting for the ambulance and complaining about the shortened race. But we were all actually really happy about the shortened race. Because we’re all lazy.

Day 2: I didn’t bother to race the second day. I didn’t even go to the venue. There was no reason. It would have just made me feel awful. Physically and emotionally. So we went to the hobby shop and bought balsa wood airplanes instead. I’m a lousy bike racer but I’m an amazing balsa wood airplane pilot. Like Maverick. But without all of that Scientology crap. The best of the best.

Double Cross is like the kids table of early season cyclocross. All of the grownups are at Starcrossed, doing grownup things. Like running with scissors and having sex with prostitutes. But the kids are at Double Cross. Doing childish things. Like buying tacos and balsa wood airplanes.