Movie Club: Space Buddies Aug16


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Movie Club: Space Buddies

After recently watching the film Beverly Hills Chihuahua with Cait, I found myself American Haunted by a preview we’d seen. The movie was called Space Buddies. A movie about a bunch of puppies who end up on a spaceship. So, with the bar set pretty low in our review club (no offense Sam and Emma), I felt confident in choosing this movie as our next selection.

Now what does the title Space Buddies bring to mind? To me it conjures up a vision of futuristic technology being used in current time, friendship, and, or course, adorable animals acting like people. And while this plot prediction was fully validated as we watched the actual movie today, we were pleasantly surprised by the many other aspects this cinematic masterpiece brought our way.

The first scene opens as a little boy gazes at the moon through his telescope, donning a kimono. His dog-friend, “Buddha” sits beside him. We only need a few minutes to discover that a) Buddha can talk (but humans don’t notice) and that b) this weird, white kid is very into appropriating Asian culture.

As he bids Buddha a “namaste” and heads off on his school field trip, the other Buddies mobilize to set off on an im-paws-able adventure featuring a myriad stereotypes that are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

The Buddies have the following personalities:
Buddha- The leader. Everything Zen.
Mud Bud- The one who likes to get muddy. The Pigpen of the group.
B-Dog- The one who uses slang and makes us feel really uncomfortable. His name might actually be B-Dawg. I’m not sure about the name, but I am sure that I hated it every time he talked.
Butterball- The fat one….who also wore those black football lines under his eyes for no apparent reason. Also, the one who is gassy.
And Rosebud- The girl.

Their owners have the exact same character traits except for Mud Bud’s, whose owner is just some kid.

They also meet another dog in space, Spudnick (played by Spuds Mackenzie). He and his owner Sasha are Russian. Sasha and his family live in a mansion in Russia, but for some reason dress like Victorian peasants.

In a complete “fuck you” to logic, science, and technology, the Buddies not only walk onto a space shuttle in broad daylight, but are also fitted into matching dog-monaut outfits. A tip of the hat must be given to the costume designer here. The canine space suits are the most adorable fucking things we have ever seen. In a truly genius move, they decided that the suits should cover the tail in a sheath of sorts, instead of having it stick out of a hole in the back. This ensures that the puppies look awkward and have trouble walking whilst wearing the suits. The result is fantastic. There’s a good deal of footage of the dogs running in slow motion, the suits making their movements look sloppy and confused. It was the definition on LOL. Bravo there, Disney.

The ship that the dogs have boarded is on a mission to go to the moon, land, and then almost immediately return home. This trip takes about 2 days. During this time there are some fun scenes involving zero gravity, Russians (more stereotyping!), dogs wearing sunglasses, and most importantly, dogs farting into their spacesuits.

In a near death situation Butterball faces all his demons and goes outside the ship to fix a broken thing that a meteor ran into. Or maybe the thing got broken by the Russian escape pod…either way, Butterball nuts up to fix it with his non-opposable thumbs and a heart of gold. But in a truly edge of your seat moment we discover that his jetpack fuel has run out! Just when you think he’s totally fucked, they realize that all you have to do is pull his paw to illicit a fart. Now, this is done by way of a robot arm that comes out to the front of the spacecraft (duh!). Once the paw is pulled and the fart expelled, Butterball has enough methane gas to propel himself to safety. This all makes perfect sense.

Right before the end of the movie a little religion is tossed in for good measure as a newscaster asks the world to pray for the Buddies. Sasha, turns his tear streaked face to the sky and asks god to take care of the puppies. And you know what? It works. With a little help from the lord and some words of advice from a ferret (played by Amy Sedaris) the Buddies complete their mission.

The puppies arrive home safe and sound and are immediately the guests of honor in a lackluster parade.

The end.

Immediately after the credits roll the special features start playing. This starts out with a blooper reel. In theory, this would be the best part of the whole DVD. But in actually the bloopers aren’t funny puppy pratfalls, but are instead faked misread lines by the dogs. Not funny at all. Then after that there’s an odd teenage music video.

As soon the video ended Sam rushed out the door to go do a bike race. Which he ended up winning. After American Haunting he got dropped at the Twilight Crit. After Space Buddies he became the Oregon State Criterium Champion. I’m just saying…