Silverton/Rehearsal RR – May 17/24, 2009 May26


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Silverton/Rehearsal RR – May 17/24, 2009

As road season winds down, I am finding myself stumped on what to say about it. Early season races arrived with a multitude of joke potential, but at this point I can find little to report on except that I went to a race, rode in some physically taxing circles, and then went home and enjoyed an ice cream cone in a post race stupor. I can’t even come up with any witty lies and exaggerations! So, in order to not have to include any actual bike racing details in blog entry, but still be able to write something, this race report will have to serve as a two-fer for both Silverton and the Rehearsal road race.


Now, I’m no coach, but as far as I could tell I had a pretty solid training plan: upgrade, then stop riding. It seemed so foolproof at first: If a rest-week made me feel good, then a rest-month would make me fucking unstoppable, right? As it turns out, no, not so much.

All I really remember from the actually racing was that it was windy and hard and that I got the droppedest that I’ve ever been dropped.

What was more memorable was venturing into the town of Silverton afterwards. It is a lovely place with a creek running through the downtown area and an olde timey feel (this point was driven home by the upcoming Ren Faire flyers we found). Amy, Erin, and I ended up in what was maybe a coffee shop, dance studio, and performance space. It was in a very large open room and almost no one was there. You felt like you had to whisper to order because it was all so vast and sparse and clean.

The only person working was obviously new to the job, a teen, and totally out to please. At one point he brought us our coffee to where we were seated.

Erin: Oh, you didn’t have to bring this out to us.

Employee: Oh I don’t mind serving three nice ladies…I mean, yeah…I don’t know…I’m sorry…

And that was pretty much what the Silverton Road Race was like for me.


After months of preparation it was finally time: OUR LAST REHEARSAL BEFORE THE BIG RACE!

Our parents had toiled for months on our costumes; getting our team logos stitched on and pinning our numbers just so. It goes without saying that we were all balls of nerves at our last run-through. Of course things went wrong. They always do. That’s why we rehearse: to iron out the kinks in the final production.

For the most part, everyone did great. A few people forgot their lines, a few people crashed, etc. During my race we actually had to come to a full stop to let an adorable fawn feebly cross the road in absolute confusion and terror. That little snafu was both heart warming and unexpected. However, in the cat 3 men’s race a dog attempted the same maneuver, but with less-milder results: a big crash that took out a bunch of people. Also, a dog is nowhere near as cute as a fawn.

And that’s pretty much what the Rehearsal Road Race was like: more fun than Silverton and way more animal-y.

Next week we’ll see if these fine cyclothespians can pull off the big number they’ve been working on all these months. I think they can. I’m trying to find a way to work stage races into this analogy, but I can’t really come up with anything. So I guess that’s it.

Break a leg next week!