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Posies Cafe

Posies Cafe is a new coffee shop in Kenton, and it has the biggest glass doors of any coffee shop in all of North Portland*. These glass doors afford Posies the grandest view of the “Up In Smoke” head shop of any establishment in all of Kenton. Until now, Kenton has been the place I buy my booze and pray to the Paul Bunyon shrine. But now I have a third reason to visit Kenton. Now I will sit in their cozy grandma chairs and look out through the giant glass doors and enjoy the parade of amazing people that visit Up In Smoke.


The people who work at Posies are all super friendly, and they never make you feel stupid for ordering dumb shit. You can order a “medium” if you want, and they won’t say “we only have grande” so that you won’t have to reply “I just want the middle sized cup that is neither large nor small” and they won’t have to say “we don’t have large or small – we only have short and venti” and you won’t have to reply “you’re killing me, pretentious barista!”

The’ll just give you your drink in the medium cup.

They have a ton of space on the inside. Nice photos on the wall. Power outlets under all of the bench seats for your broke ass laptop that doesn’t hold a charge anymore. They seem to be open late so you can get all jacked up on caffeine before the PIR races, then blow yourself up on lap 2 because you’re JUST TOO EXCITED to ride slow. They have a soft serve ice cream machine that may or may not be operational (they don’t officially open until 5/21/09) but I have high hopes. THey have both the New York Times AND the New Yorker, so you can pretty much pretend to read anything on the coffee table and look both smart and progressive when trying to impress the people buying bongs across the street.

And they have cupcakes. ‘Nuff said.

Posies Cafe
8208 N. Denver Avenue
North Portland, OR 97217

* This fact is totally unverified