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Mix Tape Recommendations

I need some new riding music. I feel like I have a pretty large music collection, but it has an unfortunate percentage of novelty albums from the heyday of Napster. And while I enjoy kicking back after a long day of work with a nice Chardonnay and the soothing slow jams of Mr. T’s hit “Don’t Talk to Strangers” (from the album Mr. T’s Commandments), it isn’t the type of music that helps me zone out and ride for hours on end. I feel like I have a finite number of songs that I really enjoy listening to while on the bike, and I’m getting burned out on those. Sure, “You’ve Got the Touch” from the Transformers animated movie soundtrack may make you ride faster, but you can only listen to it so many times before you crack.

So at the risk of getting all bloggy (wut r U listning 2?! ROTFLMAO!!!!), I’m asking for a little help in compiling the most awesome -or potentially awful -- cycling playlist ever created.

Some general rules:

1. Send or post the names of a couple of your favorite songs to listen to while you ride. Email anonymously if you’re too ashamed of your music choices. I won’t judge. I own an album called “Pac Man Fever” that is nothing but songs about Atari games from the early 80′s. I listen to it sometimes. The song about Donkey Kong is catchy.

2. These should be sincere selections. Just because everything else on this website is bullshit doesn’t mean that I’m not soliciting legitimately enjoyable music to ride to.

3. You can’t include Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. That’s just stupid. Of course it’s on the list. I don’t want everyone wasting their vote on that.

4. You also can’t include the dance mix of Christian Bale freaking out on the set of Terminator (AKA: I… I… was looking at the lights). It is also included by default.

Here’s a video of some guy named Bea Arthur singing in the Tatooine cantina during the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special: