De Ronde – April 5, 2009

Each cyclocross race this season has played to different abilities of its racers. Rainier was for climbers, Wilsonville for mountain bikers, PIR for costume wearers, Hillsboro for shit eaters, and so on. Continuing this trend, Kruger’s Crossing seemed to be tailor made for those able to ride over a pile of rotting pumpkins. Having made it to the state championships on my high school cross country pumpkin pile racing team, I knew that the was shaping up to be MY race. This race also coincided with an age-old Kruger Family tradition: The Pallet Funeral. Every year the Krugers gather up all the old pallets too tired and broken to support any more two-ton boxes of corn and burn them, allowing the smoke to rise to the heavens signaling the need for more plentiful pallets in years to come. Race organizers were thoughtful enough to put the pallet bonfire right next to the course so that racers could pay their respects as they jumped a barrier, while the eight-foot-tall flames warmed their bodies and souls.

For some reason, I decided to sign up to do two races, one right after another. During my first feat of cycling strength (singlespeed) I decided to just go easy on ‘em. In doing this I discovered that it is incredibly fun to do a race without actually racing. You never get out of breath, you can chat with other non-racing racers, and you can really get to know the course. Plus, when you get totally killed in your next race you can just say, “hey, cut me some slack, this is my second race!” Foolproof!

So I basically DFL’d two races, but I totally won a raffle. Here’s a mathematical way to look at it:

2x + y

If x= my favorite race of the season and y= the dead rat that was on the course that I kept accidentally running over, then the answer is: TRUE.