Banana Belt #2.5 or 3 – March 15, 2009

Unlike some other poorly titled bike races that imply the presence of baked goods that aren’t there, the Banana Belt is well stocked with actual bananas. The waiver sheet tables are laden with cornucopias (cardboard boxes) full of fruit for all. I have no complaints there. But let me ask you, what do think of when you think of bananas? Well, hilarious slipping and sliding of course! And this is where this race series really falls short: There is a serious dearth of banana peel antics.

Now, the term “banana belt” refers to a geographic area that is A) ideal for banana growth or B) slightly warmer than the surrounding climates.

As far as I can tell, Hagg Lake is neither of these things. So why not play up the possible peel-pratfalls to make some sense out of the whole thing?! Instead, the pranks and gags show up during the race in the form of a dozen large potholes and some uneven pavement. But that just isn’t as funny, or dare I say, “appealing”, as a good old-fashioned banana peel slip.

However, when I returned home from the race and went to take a shower and noticed that the joke was on me: I had been sporting a mud unibrow all afternoon! Okay OBRA, I’ll concede that you still have a few tricks up your sleeve. Touche.