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2009 PIR Short Track

Even though I describe my off-road nature-riding as “mountain biking” with quote-fingers, to make it clear that I know that what I am doing can barely be referred to as such, the Short Track race series at PIR is, hands down, my favorite bicycle race. And that’s because it’s not really mountain biking. It’s kinda just messing around. On a motocross course. On a mountain bike. Near my house. A perfect race for goofballs, but not in an annoying cyclocross kind of way.

These factors truly play to my skill set (or lack thereof), and after looking forward to this race all year I can now report that I have not been let down these past two Mondays. asics chaussures I recommend this race to anyone who sort of hates mountain biking, but loves to laugh. The races are somehow both extremely physically taxing for me and very slow moving. They’re only 30-45 minutes long and afterwards you have delicious baked goods and lemonade to look forward to at the Chris King tent. What is not to love here? This race is the opposite of “I hate Mondays.” A few days later I had to go to work. I start my work week on Wednesday. I hate Wednesdays. Anyway, that afternoon the regular stream of chatty office guys and weird ladies had come in to get their overly specific coffee drinks. Then in walks this scruffy guy sporting a shirt that read “Tree Hugger”.
“Hey, are you hiring?” he asked.
I informed him that we weren’t.
“Okay cool. asics france Well can you maybe sign this piece of paper proving that I at least tried to work here?”
I asked if it was for unemployment.
“No…I just got out of prison. You’ve probably heard of me. I am Trey Arrow.”

I shrugged as though I had never heard of him (one of my favorite things to do at work is to act like I don’t understand what people are talking about, like pretending I don’t know what a latte is).
“Oh. nike free run Well anyway, are these pecan rolls vegan?”
It was kind of busy so I didn’t really think of how funny the interaction had been. When I remembered it a few hours later I was finally able to access the chuckles that I had contained in the transpiring hours.

The next time I worked my friend Stefie came in to visit me. I spand-me-downed Stefie some bike shorts awhile and she has taken to wearing them everyday, just around town, with underwear on underneath (she always points this fact out to me). Today she informed me that while living in New York and working as a bike messenger she worked as an extra in a music video by Robin Thicke. ugg boots pas cher In it Thicke plays a singing bike messenger that can only be described as “sexy Jesus” (and he IS aptly described as such in one of the youtube comments below said video). I don’t think I want to write more about the video, but I strongly urge you to click this link to see it. I actually felt like it brought an awkward sadness into every pat of my body, but somehow i still found myself laughing.

Speaking of messengering. I used to do that. That’s pretty much how I know Cait and the mysterious Editor of this blog. Now we all do other stuff. Anyway, one time when Editor was recovering from getting hit by a car his roommate fed him some pot cookies to ease some leg pain. Later I came over and ate one to ease the pain of being the only one there who wasn’t really stoned (later Cait came over and eased this pain by immediately falling asleep sitting up). Soon Editor and I, completely incapacitated by our inability to leave cookies unfinished, started watching what I have since described as the greatest movie I have ever seen: Dragon Wars. When I’d say this I was not only being sarcastic, but also flat out lying, as I only remembered two-second-long snippits of the film as it passed before us like a dream.

But now (whilst writing this) I am watching it again and realizing that it actually IS the greatest movie ever made. Some proof: The movie starts with a brief glimpse at its leading man and his life. Then the he has a childhood flashback that lasts almost half of the movie and contains another flashback of ancient Korea within it.

The characters’ magical abilities appear at random/as needed. Swords materialize in hands, wise old men shoot lightning from their palms, god channels pure energy through a necklace, an antique box spews spirit vapor, the owner of the antique store can meditate while floating.
And, most importantly, there are countless scenes in which giant dragons are just destroying LA.

Well, thanks for reading this long blog about my life because there wasn’t enough to say about Short Track. I tried to segue from one theme to the next. I hope it made sense. And speaking of segues, the other day the park ranger at Tabor who rides a Segway talked to me for 20 minutes about rollerblading.