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Palette Factory – 64 Miles

I’ve got nothing to say about North Plains and I blame the winter. Early this season I was really excited to ride. Anywhere. It was so sunny and brisk all the time. But now when I ride, I’m spending all of my time thinking about future rides in the sun. So even when it gets sunny on Winter rides, I don’t notice. Because I’m already upset with my current ride for the Winter-ness that it has the potential to display. The same way a lousy dog owner will sit around with a rolled up newspaper just waiting for the rug-peeing that every untrained puppy has the potential to commit.

Stop peeing on my rug, Winter.

I tried to talk to Tommy about my magic Xbox, that streams movies and plays weird Japanese import games from the 80′s and tells me the weather and remotely starts my car when it’s cold outside and talks to me when I’m feeling down and runs completely on the energy created by the Powertap’s internal fusion reactor. Tommy wasn’t impressed. Tommy just made fun of me.

But my Xbox is amazing.

I don’t know where we went today. It was all a blur of lefts and rights and straights. A couple of factories. Some bucolic charm. Six thousand other cyclists. A little bit of residual snow. Forty something degrees most of the time. It was everything that I could possibly want out of a winter ride. But that doesn’t make me appreciate it any more. My toes are still bitter about about cold. I can’t wait for Spring. Here’s the map: