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Milwaukie – ? Miles

I just found out that it is illegal in the state of Oregon to do hilly rides at the beginning of the year. Obviously as a law-abiding cyclist, I was instantly ashamed and appalled at my multiple West Hills/Tabor-related offenses from last year. And while I don’t want to accuse our fine state of unjust legislature, I have to wonder, what flat rides aren’t totally boring?

Well, a few days ago I foolishly made early morning riding plans knowing full well that it was miserably cold, a total fog-fest, and that I was sick. I wore two full spandex outfits, one of top of the other, and still felt like shit by the time I got to my friend Joel’s house. I wanted to cry at the cruel jokes nature and my immune system were playing on me, but Joel was chipper and convinced me to drink coffee before officially giving up on our ride.

Warmed and caffeinated we set out, picking short goals so that the task didn’t seem too daunting. First we rode to the Springwater. That wasn’t so bad, so then we went to Milwaukie. We made a brief stop at the Ledding Library to look for nutria and tried to feed Odwalla bars to the ducks (if you try to do this, don’t throw them in the water, they sink right to the bottom). No nutria showed, so we rode up to the east side of Milwaukie. After many twists and turns and a couple of annoyingly busy roads, we ended up near Mount Scott. Laws prohibited us from riding up it, so instead we stopped at the fruit stand across the street and Joel bought an apple the size of his head for $1.

We followed the Clackamas River for a while which was beautiful, but was also the coldest part. Somehow we ended up in Oregon City and took the usual River Road way home.

This ride ended up taking us 3 hours! I took a hot bath afterwards, but never truly felt warm again that day. Still, for some reason I am now remembering this ride as being fun. Even on sub-zero (or sub-40) degree days, anything is more fun than Sauvie Island during this long, cold season of flat rides.

Dawn continues to go on rides that leave her lost and confused, which makes mapping impossible and mileage difficult to calcualte.