Media Review: House Party Feb09


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Media Review: House Party

For many years Cait and I have had a secret weapon at lack-luster dance parties and in awkward crowds at clubs: We can do some Kid n’ Play moves from the movie House Party. You know, the dance that they do with Gina from “Martin” and her hot friend that really gets everyone totally stoked. It is one part Mashed Potato, one part Lindy Hop, and all parts teenage urban sexual rebellion.

This was our lifeline to fun and gave us the confidence to challenge all the other bike messenger companies in Portland to a dance-off (which will still happen someday when those pussies at Transerv or ABC Legal or whatever finally get their routine together). But recently it just hasn’t been doing the trick. At the recent Spand And Deliver after party we just couldn’t get people psyched on some uncomfortable, inappropriate grinding in Cait’s living room. We gave them beer AND the Kid n’ Play demo, what else did they need?!

And then it hit me: It’s time for something new.

Just as Play’s late 80’s rap skills were totally trounced by Kid’s early 90’s contemporary styles during the House Party freestyle competition, Cait and I needed to revamp our party-initiating moves from said movie. I wasted no time in putting the DVD on hold at the library. Miraculously no one else had it on hold, so I got it within a week.

I realized that it had been far too long since I’d watched this cinematic masterpiece. I soon discovered that besides a multitude of other sweet moves during the dance scenes, the film also brings with it a positive message that is still relevant now, in 21st century: “Have fun with your friends and learn to respect women”. Or at least that’s what I got out of it.

For those of you that also don’t really remember the plot (and should quickly have a copy sent to your local library) here are some quick highlights:

Kid (big, tall hair) and Play (charming smile) are in high school…with Martin Lawrence…who everyone calls Dragon Breath because he has bad breath. Play’s parents go out of town and so (duh) they decide to have a bitchin’ House Party. Everyone is there, including some school bullies (played by adults) and these two girls who both have crushes on our leading men.

Kid is a nerdy goofball, but he can rap, instigate party-wide synchronized dancing, and get babes without much trouble. Play is slightly more of a cutty teen; kissing girls he barely knows, encouraging Kid to have unprotected sex, and squeezing like 8 people into a really small car. Together they are the perfect best-friend duo, just like Cait and I.

Really, over a decade later, we’re not so different. We are just a rag tag group of young(ish) people trying to navigate our way through life and love, and hopefully doing so with a danceable soundtrack. Our hair may be less vertical, our parties might be more milder, we may spend a lot of money on brightly colored spandex outfits instead of brightly colored cotton ones, but the pulse of the party still pumps in our veins. We should all take a moment to just have fun with out friends…and as always, to respect women.