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Coffeehouse 5

Despite my obsession with all puns, the name Coffeehouse 5 did not initially sit well with me. Calling a coffee shop a “coffee house” makes me think of weird, fake-Beatnik types, like Mike Meyers in So I Married An Axe Murderer. But Coffeehouse 5 (Or CH5 as Cait and I call it in our text messages) has slowly overcome its name and become one of my favorite coffee shops. Before CH5, Cait and I were having relationship problems due to our different taste in coffee shops. I like Tiny’s or the Fresh Pot because they are close to my house and I often run into people I know there (thus distracting me from work…which I like). Cait prefers The Black Cat because lots of lesbians hang out there and because gross-tasting coffee, bad music, and tables made of vintage video games do not phase her.

Slowly this problem was tearing us apart.

Then I started going to school across the street from CH5 and was forced to put my feelings about the name aside due to sheer proximity.

CH5 is very comfortable. There are couches and grand wooden tables and big windows letting in ample natural light. The coffee is good and they sell the Black Sheep muffins that Cait is partial to. On Sundays they play This American Life over the sound system and during the week they often don’t play anything at all, which a nice change sometimes.

The only time you might run into a problem there is if it’s slightly busy and you want something more complicated than just a cup of coffee. The place where you order your drink is not in ear shot of where the drinks are made, so orders are often confused or forgotten. After this happened to me 4 or 5 times I abandoned the Americano option and discovered that regular, french-press coffee is just as good. Plus it’s 60 cents cheaper ($1.40) and comes with one free refill. Sold!

Plus, I have yet to see a Beatnik in there.

740 N Killingsworth St
Portland, OR 97217
(503) 286-7125