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Arleta Library Bakery Cafe

Arleta Library Cafe has the best breakfasts in Portland. I know, I’ve said things like this before. But this time I mean it. It really, truly is the best breakfast in Portland. And the wait isn’t very long. And the people that work there are super nice. And the coffee is delicious and bottomless. And the baked goods are top notch. And the only real downside is that it’s off 72nd and Foster, which is a total black hole, cycling or otherwise. I don’t have anything bad to say about this place, really. This is the part where I usually make a snide comment about the clientele or the prices. But I’ve got nothing. Nothing sarcastic. Nothing backhanded.

Arleta Library Bakery Cafe
5513 SE 72nd @ Harold
Portland, OR, 97206

I know. Most boring. Review. Ever.

It sits across the street from Mt. Scott Park, surrounded by a Vietnamese video store, a place that sells toddler-sized T-shirts that say things like “Only 17.5 years until I’m legal!”, and an awful coffeeshop full of dreamcatchers and tchotchy shit where I once saw a flyer for “Green Lawn Care: 420 Friendly Landscaping”. Seriously. I still don’t really know what that flyer means. Do they get landscape high? Or do they smoke you out? Or do they sell you weed, eat your food, and leave after doing a half assed job on your lawn? That’s what I’d do. It’s a total mystery.

Anyway, back to the restaurant. It’s awesome. It’s one of those places that lists a whole bunch of fancy ingredients in the descriptions to you know that everything is going to taste good. Here’s the description of the biscuits and gravy:

Thinly sliced house-roasted pork loin nestled between two savory biscuits and smothered with peppery rosemary sausage gravy; served with Library Fries.

Um… yea. It’s amazing. It’s called Portland’s Best Biscuits n Gravy (with an “n”) and it isn’t misnomer. It’s accurate.

I realize I’m gushing. I’m gushing. I just love it so much that (as Tracy Morgan likes to say) I want to take it out behind the Junior High School and get it pregnant.