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Laughing Planet

This ride is 103 miles of drunken glory, where the winner is the one who can hold both their alcohol and their composure. And this years event started at 7am at the Hair of the Dog brewery, where the owner was kind enough to open his doors to allow us to consume some of his beer. At 7am. In the morning. That’s the kind of ride this was going to be.

The hills got bigger.
We got drunkerer.

By the time we reached Hood River, I was swerving and telling people that I loved them. I loved my bike. I loved my cats and my mom. I loved everything. I’m a full-of-love type drunk.

But anyway. Back to the ride.
6000+ feet of elevation gained.
80oz of beer consumed.
Sometimes winning isn’t pretty, unless you have beer goggles.

Mt. Hood Breweries