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EVENT: Spand and Deliver II

Adnan Kadir, cycling coach to the stars (and by “stars” I mean some of my friends) is leaving town for a year. He mentioned that Spand and Deliver was THE MOST FUN HE’D HAD AT A RACE THIS YEAR. So I decided to qucikly come up with a farewell race in his honor. Everything was coming together perfectly…until I discovered that there were a ton of other cyclocross-related things going on the same day I had hoped to have my race (I looked at the OBRA calendar and saw no mention of anything on 11/8. You had to click on the 11/9 race link to see that the Singlespeed WC qualifiers were on the 8th).

Fuck it, I already laminated the spoke cards, our race will just have to coexist with these other fine happenings. So now I’m taking it to the internet to advertise for yet another event on an already very busy day.

Spand and Deliver I was a race that my friend Zak and I put on last Spring to try and bridge the gap between messenger bike racers and spandexy bike racers. The first half of it was set up like an alleycat: you had a manifest, you had to route yourself to different “pick-ups” and “drop-offs”, you had an advantage if you were impervious to traffic laws. The second half just involved doing the Tabor race loop 5 times.

Spand and Deliver II will be a cyclocross version of the first race. Each stop on the manifest will not be reached unless you and your bike brave an obstacle. The last stop on the manifest will be a cross course where racers will do 5 laps. Then there will be an afterparty at Cait’s house.
Another aspect of this race will speak to my general broke-ness and frustration with the cost of competitive cycling. Bike racing is a sport for people with money. You have to have a bike, a helmet, an OBRA license, race fee $, and probably gas money to wherever the race is happening. You are also encouraged the have some spandex, cycling shoes, and HEALTH INSURENCE! This pretty much ensures that bike races will be mostly made of the middle-to-upper class (not 100% of course). I’m not saying that this is fundamentally wrong, it is what it is. Still, I thought it would be nice to have a race that almost anyone could afford. So, Spand and deliver II costs $1-$5 sliding scale. You can ride any bike and you don’t have to wear a helmet (but I would be MUCH HAPPIER if people did!). There are at least small prizes for everyone who races (although some of the prizes are merely Z Bars, the Clif Bar for children).

So, if you aren’t going to the Cyclocross Singlespeed WC qulaifiers on Saturday, or the nighttime qualifier, or the Team Beer Pub Crawl, or Jennifer’s birthday pot luck, then please come to Spand and Deliver! Actually if you time it just right you may be able to do all the events listed here: qualify at noon, do my race at 1:30, stop by Jeniffer’s on your way to the pub crawl, and show up wasted to Cait’s dance party after that. If you can pull this off then you truly are a cyclocross champion…and the champion of my heart.

Here are the details:
Saturday, 11/8, 1:30pm
Meet at Three Friends: 210 SE 12th
Cost: $1-$5 depending on what you can spare
After party at Cait’s. Supposedly there will be dancing.

Last, but not least I feel it is important for me to tip my hat to the pun-master who came up with the name “Spand and Deliver”. He is none other than the fine editor of SoSoVelo. Just FYI/BTW.