Cross Crusade #6: Barton – November 2, 2008

On Sunday I did two things that I thought would be a lot of fun, but they both turned out to pretty much “meh”. I also studied for my math final. This was also “meh”. So I thought I would review them using word problems. Feel free to use scratch paper, and remember to show your work!

1. The Cross Crusade After Party

a) Dawn helps create 3 playlists for the awards party. The first is of non-dancing songs, the second is of dancing songs, and the third is of dancing songs with easy-to-hear swear words in them (to be played only when everyone is too tired or drunk to care). When added up, these equal a total of 5.2 hours of music. Using this information, determine how many good dance songs have swearing in them.

b) The awards party consisted of 2 hours of award giving/random talking, and 1 hour of raffle-number-reading. Let x=hours spent dancing to the songs from part a) (this is a variable because I got too bored and left before the dancing started). Add 40 degrees (the temperature in the building) to your total answer.

c) Use a ratio and proportion equation to show the number of bathrooms-to-people at this event. Simplify your answer.

d) In your own words, describe how this event could have been more fun.

2. Crush Brunch

Cait and Dawn have 2 (two) free coupons for brunch at Crush. The menu says, “help yourself to fresh cornbread and coffee”. Dawn orders a mimosa because she feels guilty about the free food. The bill comes to $9.50. Use the equation: I love Cait + I love brunch + I love free stuff + (surprise) 1 cup of coffee costs $2.50!, to determine if this outing was a let-down.

Let x=0 and y=2 overpriced cups of coffee
Then divide by 2.

(Hint: It was pouring rain outside and we got soaked on our way there).



a) Most of them
b) Way too long
c) 2/hella=not enough
d) Answers will vary, but may include:
* A giant trampoline
* Free cookies
* Less talking
* Laser light show
* Heat
* A dance off where each bike racing team has to coordinate a 3 minute routine
* Free cake

2. 2x + 4.5 + 2.5y + cornbread= the coffee should have cost $1.50, but it was still kind of fun.