I like meat and beer. Not together. Well, yes. Together. But not in the same glass or anything. I like my meat on a plate, and my beer in a glass. Near each other. Close enough that I can consume them both in turn, depending on my desire. The patterns change, but it’s generally just a variation of this. Beer. Beer. Meat. Beer. Meat. Meat. Meat. Beer. Something like that.

Anyway, Pause has meat and beer*. Nice local beers and (I’m told) nice local meats. And while there are lots of places that serve both meat and beer, Pause puts them together on the menu as a special, and they leave it there all of the time. Which you might think would make it less special, but you’d be wrong. It IS special. ALL THE TIME. The deal is this: Two sliders. One with bacon and blue cheese, one plain. With fries. With a nice pint of beer. For seven dollars. SEVEN DOLLARS. If you order two of them, you get TWO beers, FOUR sliders, and LARGER pile of french fries. For FOURTEEN DOLLARS.

It’s just math.

I go there after long rides, because it’s close to the SoSoVelo West Coast Regional Headquarters, where I often work 16 hour days. And because I love meat and beer.

* Pause also has a delicious black bean burger and beer, if you’re not into the meat part. And while it’s special, I’m not sure it is THE special. So it might cost more.