The Coffee Plant

Something about the lighting at Albina Press makes everyone look prettier. nike air max flyknit It comes in through all of the giant windows, bounces off of the modern seating options and the monstrous espresso machine, and hits everyones face like the hanging light of a sunset. People glow like they just slept with someone they still like, before they’ve decided that the person has too much back hair or chews her food with her mouth open. The light at Albina Press is like hope. Hope that your boss doesn’t find out that you’ve “working” from the coffee shop. Hope that the Crest Extreme toothpaste you’ve been using will truly make a dent against the years and years of coffee stains. And hope that today you’ll do better than just hang on to the back of the group ride; hope that pull your own weight. Well, don’t bother. You’re going to need more than sunlight. adidas tubular shadow The groups that meet at Albina Press ride hard. baskets new balance pas cher But you can still get a cup of coffee and pastry and pretend that you’re one of them. I mean, they’re in spandex. adidas stan smith Pas Cher You’re in spandex. nike air max thea soldes That guy on the laptop can’t tell the difference. They think you’re all together, all of you spandex people. In this light, you look really really fast. Anyway, this is one of the best shops in town for a pre-ride cup of coffee. Fair prices. Friendly staff.