NOISE Ride – October 18, 2008

Whenever people used to ask me why I knew some random fact, my favorite response was, “I read it on a blog.” This joke was funny because the idea of me reading a blog was preposterous. Why would I want to read someone’s internet ranting? I barely read my email. But then this blog (actually I call it a “website”, because it sounds cooler) showed up and suddenly I’m right in with the rest of the world, “online”. The sickest part is that the only people who write stuff for sosovelo are me and MY TWO BEST FRIENDS. So basically I am obsessed with reading transcribed, organized versions of our conversations. The internet, man. I’ll never understand it.

It’s gotten so bad that blogging dictates my activities. I am more apt to do something that is blog-about-able. And this sad truth is what led me to do John Dorfer’s first annual Thanksgiving’r  Cyclocross Classic (instead of going to a charity yoga class).

My need to blog… er, I mean “write for a website”… really paid off: I won my first bicycle race. Granted, I was the only person racing in the women’s category, but first place is first place, right?

The race took place at Pier Park and lasted an OBRA-style 45 minutes. There were arrows chalk painted on the ground guiding us around the park. Instead of barriers there were “frolfers”, dog-walkers, and a seriously irate elderly couple out for a walk as challenges. It was the hardest race I have ever done.

For some reason because I hadn’t paid any money, was racing against no one, and couldn’t see any red and yellow cones, I wasn’t taking this race seriously. But after 3 laps I realized that 45 minutes of riding over a bunch of totally bonkers terrain is hard no matter what the situation.

After the first lap I was dropped, the arrows had been demolished by people riding over them, a stick had lodged itself in my chain and put me an inch away from a busted derailleur, and the irate elderly couple was threatening to fight me. 45 minutes took its sweet time elapsing, but finally it was all over. We were rewarded with whiskey and hot cocoa. Many a group photo was snapped. And then we all parted ways to eat a lot of food.

Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.