Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal Oct17


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Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal

This could not be more obvious. But some things are so obvious that they just need to be said. Portland cyclists love Stumptown coffee. And Stumptown coffee loves Portland cyclists.

It feels silly writing a review. We may as well have written a review about rain. Or bridges. Or too-tight black jeans. But we didn’t. We picked the fourth most Portland-y thing in Portland (behind rain, bridges, and too-tight black jeans). Sure, we’ve had our problems with Stumptown in the past. Their malleable refill policy, for example. Or that quiet transition to 3/4 pound coffee bags (even though they now come with a classy card slot and a little notecard telling you about your purchase). But you’ve got to love a company that loves what they do so much.

They are the fuel that keeps Portland riding. Their brown bags are in every house. Their shops are the starting point for every group ride. They name can be found on all of the local jerseys. Portland is Stumptown.