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Lance Armstrong causes global economic meltdown

There is nothing I love more than getting my news about the cycling industry AND my news about the impending global economic doom at the same time. Something about the time saved warms my heart. So it is with great joy that I break the news that Lance Armstrong has thrown himself behind SRAM, and then breaking the news that Lehman Brothers last month purchased 40% of SRAM. And as we all know, Lehman Brothers just went belly up. I assume you’re following my train of thought. You’re with me. And you know what this means: as taxpayers, you and I, we now OWN Lance Armstrong. DANCE MONKEY DANCE!

According the Wall Street Journal, “the collapsed investment bank recently agreed to make a large investment in a high-end bicycle-components maker. That manufacturer stands to benefit from Mr. Armstrong’s plan, announced Wednesday, to join a Kazakhstan-based racing team next year.” ¬†Also, as part of the goverment’s $700B bailout, we’re all getting SRAM Red groupos on November 15th.

Armstrong is supposed to race in this years tour, after he saves Wall Street and cures cancer.

Feel free to read the more nuanced commentary from the WSJ here.