Eugene Short Cross #2 – September 23, 2008 Sep24


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Eugene Short Cross #2 – September 23, 2008

There’s something adorable about Southern and Central Oregon cross races that makes you just want to pinch their cheeks and fix their cowlicks by spittin’ on your hand. They’re small, and everyone knows one another. No one seems nervious. No one cares about holeshots. The riders are are all the same cailiber of riders that we find at the monstrous Cross Crusade events, but you can count each group on your fingers. It’s like a church picnic for people that ride bikes and drink and swear. Free from the obligation of creating something suitable for a pack of 100 riders, the courses are creative and fun. They look exactly like a Family Circus comic, with a little dotted line through Sleepy Pet’s back yard, over the fence, down to the crick, up the slide, through the drainpipe, past the scary dog, to the front porch for a mint julep handup. Eugene Short Cross was no different. It was a super tight course with some fun forested sections, a tricky sand trap, and some wide open fields. Also, they planned it to end in the pitch black.  

Here’s a map, in case our description left you unimpressed.