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Hope is (often) just potential dissapointment

I’ve been told by a reader that the site is too “cynical” and “negative”. And so I’d like to take this opportunity to say something sarcastic and hateful to that reader. But I can’t. First, because there are laws in the country against it. And second, because I’m too happy right now. And I’d like to get this off of my chest before it passes. As happiness always does. Today is election day, and I am confident of an Obama win. I am full of hope that everything in our lives is going to be getting shitty at a much, much slower pace starting very soon. Yes, things will still be awful. But we won’t even notice anymore, because this growing misery will take place over months and years instead of hours and days. I expect that these election results will be added to the short list of baby-making events, like V-Day and Armistace and the Red Sox World Series win, that granted coastal progressives enough joy to disrobe and procreate with reckless abandon, just like the underage Christian youths with weak vows of celibacy from the middle part of the country. And with an Obama win, I am confident that he will follow through on all of the campaign promises I have personally placed upon his shoulders, though, admitedly, without discussing them with him or anyone on his staff. These are nothing more than assumptions, but these are exactly the type of “big ideas” that helped FDR save the country during the depression. 1. nike air max 2016 soldes The National Velodrome Project: The creation of a giant velodrome that encircles the entire nation, with banked turns at the borders to appease both track racers and anti-immigration rednecks. I’m told that most wrecks will occur in turn three, down near Florida. Where they belong. 2. Spandex Exchange Programs: He will pass legislation for a national program to allow upwardly mobile cyclists to donate used spandex in exchange for a tax break on future spandex purchases. This will allow underprivledged cyclists the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of spand-me-downs. There is no shame in used spandex. And used spandex-hate is all about suppression, just like the herpes that you may or may not when you share spandex. 3. National Cookie Day: Once per month… no. Scratch that. Once per week, Americans will get cookies. For budgetary reasons, we may not be allowed to pick the type of cookie, but there will be cookies. The cookies will be distributed in a fair and orderly manner. Cookie line cutters will be shot. On site. Because no one should cheat on cookie day. 4. Commuter Handups: I would like a beer. Mid commute. nike flyknit And I would like to stay on my bike when I get it. Really, is that so much to ask? For fucks sake, America, if we can’t provide something as simple as this, how can we expect to stay the type of superpower that ships it’s trash to lesser superpowers. I know these things seem unlikely. But I look at Barack Obama’s smile and I think “This is a man who also loves cookies, and who will make them available to me whenever I need them”. On the other side, I look at Sarah Palin and I think “This is a woman who would shoot a cookie. For sport. Or even just for fun.” And I don’t want to be lead by a cookie killer. Yes, I really enjoy talking about all of the things in this world that I don’t like. But this is only because I’m an insecure little man. And insecure people make fun of things that they do not or can not have. Things like friends. Or talent. adidas zx pas cher Or $1600 carbon wheels. But today is just too good to hate anything. new balance femme Unless things go very, very wrong.